Attempting the Warrior Dash, or I Should do More Cardio

September 10th, 2012

A few months ago, some of my coworkers were talking about doing the Warrior Dash Ohio 1. For those of you who don’t know (and don’t feel like clicking the above link, because, let’s face it, that takes work, and you’ve already clicked a lot of buttons to get to this point, you deserve a break), the Warrior Dash is about a 5k with intermittent obstacles including a mud pit (with actual barbed wire above it), two swimming obstacles – one which involves pulling yourself up over logs (heavy logs, mind you) and logs set on fire that you have to jump over just to name a few. It’s intense to say the least. So with the assumption of being super hardcore I decided to sign up. The Ohio 1 race was full so I had to sign up for the Ohio 2 which was a few weeks ago at the end of August. I went with one of my coworkers and her sister. It was a blast.

Yes, that is me, covered in mud


Out of Shape


However I did uncover a rather depressing reality: I am not nearly as hardcore as I thought. I’ve been doing yoga and Body Pump lately but it obviously wasn’t enough. I was able to run for the first mile, and then had to basically walk the rest of the way. I felt terribly out of shape, and I felt guilty because my friends felt obligated to walk with me (it was much more fun doing it together, so I thank them for that).


So we’ve decided to do Warrior Dash again next year (Ohio 1 this time!). Let me know if you want to join us. But this time I’m preparing by doing actual cardio (novel idea I know).


Insanity Day 1


So to begin my preparation (Ohio 1 is next June; but it’s never too early to start) I started Insanity today. Now Shaun T is no Tony Horton (from p90x fame), as he is much less of a tool, it is still quite a work out. In fact, the fit test that is day one wore me out. I’m excited to see what progress I will make over the next sixty days.


The schedule is similar to p90x – work out for six days and then take a break. I am heading to a wedding this weekend (congrats you two!) so I will probably take Friday off this week and get in my work out the rest of the week.


Tomorrow is the plyometric cardio circuit. Wish me luck.

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