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February 22nd, 2012

In OA we are supposed to identify our trigger places, people, emotions and foods. Triggers are the things that cause us to overeat. Looking at my behavior over the past few months I am starting to identify what my triggers are.




Buffets are a major trigger for me. There is so much food and it is all there for the taking. I’m not one for leaving an empty plate when eating a normal serving of food, so it stands to reason that I would be equally overzealous about finishing off a buffet (or at least eating until I am fit to burst).


Today, I went to Cincinnati for a women’s leadership conference for work and there was a buffet for both lunch and dinner. It was a disaster. I consumed far too much for both meals and ended up bloated and miserable for the whole day. That, combined with the fact that I’ve been constipated for the past four days caused me to have piercing stomach pains. It was not at all pleasant. However, the laxative tea I drank yesterday finally kicked in so I am feeling better. I am still feeling bloated, but the pain is less piercing.


Tomorrow is more of the same. There is at least a buffet for breakfast. The goal is to have one plate of food and not go back up for seconds. I’ll update tomorrow on how that goes.


Parties are another issue for me. If the food is just sitting out, I feel like it is begging to be eaten. Since I am gluten sensitive, I am fine with avoiding pizza or other gluten-containing foods as I have categorized them as not food, but all other vegetarian options are fair game.

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Sunday, Grumpy, Sunday

October 16th, 2011

Sundays are not good days for me it seems. I spent too much time in a car today driving home from Bloomington. And then I got home and ate too much for dinner. I was hungry and tired and didn’t slow down to enjoy the food. Instead I just inhaled it. I need to concentrate on eating more slowly and paying attention to my body’s indications that I am full.

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Reintroducing Soy

October 12th, 2011

I might be coming down with a cold which could interfere with determining which symptoms I’m experiencing came from the soy I consumed and which came from the cold. I had a sore throat starting late last night, so I’m fairly certain that the sore throat that I had today was a cold symptom. The bloating, heartburn and warm face I got today are almost certainly reactions to the soy I had for lunch.


The general fatigue and achey feeling I felt along with the brain fog and difficulty thinking that I experienced this afternoon and evening could be symptoms of either the cold or soy consumption. I also felt very irritable this afternoon which could have been a result of the soy, or may be that I am PMSing.


Because I didn’t feel well, I skipped workout today. I overate at dinner today. Something about almond butter makes me want to eat lots of it. I’m not sure what that indicates exactly. Perhaps my body thinks I’m not going to get a chance to eat fat again so I overeat on it when it is available. Or I’m not getting enough fat in my diet, so my body is craving it and over-compensates when it’s available. Or I overate on it today because I was emotionally eating from the stress and fatigue.

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Clean Diet Day 5

September 11th, 2011

Total Calories Consumed: 2016
Fat: 114 g
Carbs: 200 g
Sugar: 49 g
Protein: 88 g


I overate on almond butter today. It was really good, but my stomach hurt afterward. It was mostly a symptom of bored emotional eating, I think, that led me to eat so much of the almond butter. And it was probably the closest thing I’ve had to something sweet that wasn’t fruit lately.


Overeating usually indicates that you are trying to avoid your emotions (much like getting intoxicated, doing drugs, and other addictions). I’m not sure what emotions I’m avoiding (because I can’t know what I’m avoiding knowing), but I need to find out.


Here’s Dr. Graham’s take from his book The 80/10/10 Diet:


“One of the primary ways we handle painful emotions is to literally “eat ourselves numb,” with dense, hard-to-digest foods–the so-called “comfort foods.” This is effective because of the nature of our nervous systems. Our bodies have a finite amount of nerve energy at any given time. The digestion of food and the conduction of emotions each demand so much energy that they cannot be performed simultaneously.

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Last Day of the Macrobiotic Month

August 31st, 2011

Today is the last day of August and therefore the last day of my scheduled macrobiotic diet. I have discontinued consuming dairy, eggs, caffeine, alcohol and smoking for the entire month. It was a great success in the fact that I have managed to not consume any of those items for a month. However, I didn’t follow the mindfulness part of the diet. I overate and didn’t chew my food as well as I should have.


Overall, though, I would say that the diet was a success. I have felt better not drinking, smoking or consuming caffeine than I did while I consumed these items.


Alcohol Consumption


I have no plans to start smoking or drinking caffeine tomorrow or any time in the future. I am, however, undecided about drinking. I am thinking that I might try drinking this weekend when I am at my grandfather’s 80th birthday party and see how that makes me feel. I can use that as gauge to see if I plan on drinking on a regular (weekly) basis.


However, I am concerned that if I start drinking again I will go back into my old habits of binge-drinking nearly every weekend. I’m not sure that I know how to control my drinking. It is one thing to have one drink with dinner and stop. It’s another for me to be out at the bars and have only one drink. And once I have that second drink I tend to stop caring if I get drunk and just keep drinking. It seems “fun” and let’s me have “fun” in a situation where I’m really not enjoying myself. Drinking to excess, like overeating, is just another way for me to run away from the fact that I’m not being fulfilled by my life.

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